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Type Rating ATR72 in November
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We are the training provider of Braathens Aviation. Our operators transport approximately 2 000 000 passengers annually. We train for the safety and service of the passenger, thus educating the people who maintain the aircraft, providing safety and passenger service in the cabin or flying the aircrafts from the cockpit. Every year, we train about 80 technicians, 230 pilots and 260 cabin crew for Braathens Aviation. You as our customer will benefit from our total experience containing six aircraft types, Turbo-prop and jet, single and multi-cabin crew operation, Part M and Part 145 organizations. We train and educate pilots, cabin crew and engineers in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

If you are unable to find information on the training or education you are in need of, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We are able to customize training as needed, in consultation and collaboration with our partners.

Once again, very welcome to Braathens Training.

Type ratings - our specialty


Braathens Trainings vision is to be the preferred north European supplier of flexible, high quality training solutions within our field of operation. We strive to continously enhance safety and improve efficiency.


Braathens Trainings mission is to continously develop and deliver high quality, cost-efficient and flexible training that meets and exceeds our customer's expectations.

We offer

High quality and cost effective training for Type Ratings on following aircrafts;